Our newly renovated boutique hotel is overlooking the harbour and right in the heart of the village of Tofino.

The Maq has an eclectic vibe, with brand new hotel rooms, pub, wine store, live music, and awesome art. Our in house restaurant is coming soon, with the best coffee, amazing WiFi, and delicious food.

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Dream your dream, repeat.

Crazy comfortable, uniquely the MAQ. All our rooms
will make your night and set you up for an amazing day.

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We have the usual and the unusual with a flare for a stunning supply of local libations.

Our little beer, wine and spirits store is located right in the hotel.
So there.



It’s ok to stay up late.

Our onsite pub is a hub for arts, culture and music. As one of the few venues available for local and the not so local artists, this is the place to wind up to unwind at the end of the day.

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Keep in touch. Make a plan to return.


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