Oliver Swain

Master of all things folk, Oliver Swain will be returning to The Maq Pub for 2 nights on Friday July 5th and Saturday July 6th due to the overwhelming response at his previous show.

Oliver Swain has been a celebrated musician for years, held in high regard in acoustic and folk music styles for both his astonishing instrumental and vocal abilities, though he seldom gives the genre a fully traditional treatment. Oliver Swain strays towards the whimsical, the spiritual, and the socially conscious side of what he likes to refer to as “chamber folk odyssey”, and it’s these beguiling and provocative elements that make him unique as an artist and songwriter. Devon Leger even called him “The Zen Rock Garden of old time music” No Depression.


Ocie Elliott

Tofino’s favourites are back – Ocie Elliott are here for 2 nights! Come and join on either (or both) Saturday June 29th and Sunday June 30th for what we’re sure will be another captivating performance.

Ocie Elliott is musical duo Jon Middleton and Sierra Lundy from Victoria, B.C., Canada. The two met playing music at a festival on the small, wind-swept Salt Spring Island, where their love of music and the chemistry of their voices fostered an instant connection. Jon and Sierra’s voices meld beautifully in a cascade of sound, described by one reviewer as “…the aural equivalent of indigo painted skies and the first summer stars.”

Their unique blend of contemporary and indie folk music is influenced by artists such as Gillian Welch, Simon & Garfunkel and Angus and Julia Stone, and born of the natural landscape of Canada’s wild west coast. In late October 2017, they released their first EP to the world, recorded in the woods of Vancouver Island, and immediately attracted an international following. Since then, they’ve opened for the likes of Mason Jennings, Sons of the East, Kim Churchill, Roo Panes, Current Swell and Joshua Hyslop. Their second album, We Fall In, will be available February 8th, 2019, through Nettwerk Music Group.


Brandon Isaak

Brandon Isaak will be bringing Folk back to The Maq on Thursday June 20th.

What separates this juno award nominated artist from the rest of the pack besides his world-class musicianship and song writing, is his ability to connect and involve the audience in his live shows.

After many nominations by The Maple Blues Awards, (Canada’s national blues awards) this Yukonion guitar slinger finally won his first MBA last year for (Acoustic Act of the Year). The nominations were just released again and Brandon once again has a nomination… (Guitarist of the Year). We’ll have to wait and see what happens. Last year he had nominations for (Song Writer of the Year), (Acoustic Act of the Year) and (Album of the Year) for his latest solo album; Here On Earth.


Bridal Party

Good times poppin off is all this night will be remembered for. With their funky tunes and playful beats, Bridal Party are sure to start the party.

Victoria, BC art-pop quintet Bridal Party have always had the goal of making pop music they like. Their debut LP Too Much is a vibrant collection of songs of uncanny intimacy, thriving from experimentation in studio that remains honest to the band’s live set.

Whether it’s the confessional lyricism and feathery textures of “When I’m Naked”, the plaintive riddle and bedlam of “Armour”, or the celebratory disco of the title track, Too Much shines a light on the band’s interior joys and terrors in equal measure. A broad sonic landscape that shares territory with Crumb, U.S. Girls, and early work of The Cardigans, Too Much is due Friday, August 23rd, on Kingfisher Bluez Records, accompanied by a relentless tour schedule.


Kim Gray

Garage Pop band Kim Gray from Vancouver will be hitting the stage for a double bill on both Friday June 7th and Saturday June 8th! Get here early. It’ll go off.

Kim Gray have announced the release of Plastic Memory, their third full-length. The Vancouver band, who have shared stages with bands like Mild High Club, The Courtneys, Sasami and Weaves, have been building momentum on the back of a series of DIY releases and have signed to Buzz Records to release their latest on April 26th 2019.


90’s Night

Double denim/Canadian tuxedos, Smashing Pumpkins, Home Alone, tamagotchis, furby’s, Loreal ‘no tears’ kids shampoo that was like acid in your eyes, Guns N’ Roses, dunkaroos, MSN, Pulp Fiction, bleached tips, wallet chains, Jurassic Park, MASH, overalls, the macarena, bike shorts, Oasis, Pretty Woman, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, bandanas, slap bracelets, Sonic Youth, Pokemon cards, N’SYNC, Backstreet Boys, Destiny’s Child, butterfly hair clips, gel pens, bop it, CD players, gameboy, Nintendo 64, Mary-Kate and Ashley, mood rings, Pulp, rollerblades, Forrest Gump, Clueless, Easy Bake, blazers, The Big Lebowski, scented highlighters, sketchers, Titanic, candy cigarettes, Terminator, Nokia snake, book fairs, spice girls, Nirvana. The nineties.

Free Entry
Prizes for best dressed!!


End this fun filled May Long Weekend with ANOTHER SHOW! IT’S MADNESS! AND FUN!

Tanglers are a lot of guys from Vancouver. With their fun riffs and mellow tracks, it’ll be a chilling dancey fun time!

Formed in the early summer of 2016, four friends came together to create the holy mess that is TANGLERS. Essentially it’s a band of brothers, with their dad on bass, and he loves to rock. Drawing inspiration from all kinds of genres, TANGLERS craft unique tunes often dubbed as “soft psych”, “indie folk”, “surf”, and sometimes even “disastrous”. They bring a distinct energy to the stage; bobbing, bumping, and occasionally smiling. They are currently in the process of writing and recording their third album.


Triple bill extravaganzaaaaa!

Triple bill extravaganzaaaaa! Yung Heazy, Gnarfunkel and Bad Magic will be setting the tone for the summer with a night filled with fun riffs, sexy interludes and groovy tunes.

On February 13th 2017 Jordan Heaney wrote and recorded, “Cuz You’re My Girl” for his girlfriend as a Valentine’s Day gift. Not thinking much, it was uploaded to Soundcloud under the moniker Yung Heazy. The track went on to amass over ten million streams in a few months with international interest following.

A prolific artist, Heaney performs all instruments, records and mixes his extremely catchy yet unconventionally structured songs. Yung Heazy released his highly anticipated debut LP “Whenever You’re Around I Hate Everything Less” June 1st 2018 to an embracing reception on college and alternative radio charting on the NACC, Sirius XM and in regional markets. The group spent the rest of the year on the road with their wild live show playing over 80 dates in 10 countries in three continents.

Gnarfunkel – west coast rock n roll that’s gnarly to a funky extreme. This rowdy band features an animalistic lead singer/guitarist along with a tight, funky rhythm section. They’re known for their wild shows and eclectic music that features dope harmonies, rad riffs, and grooves you just can’t help but dance to.

Bad Magic – Armed with an engaging high energy live show and intricate, thoughtfully crafted songs – Bad Magic not only wants to get you moving to the rhythm but leave you with a lingering feeling that you were in the right place at the right time.


Wild Wild West Summer Kick Off Party

Kick your summer off good n proper with a wild wild west themed party at The Maq. Prizes for best dressed. A rumour is circulating that a dollar bill gun will be involved somehow. YUNG HEAZY will be headlining the show! Check your guns at the door. Save the horse, ride a cowboy. It’ll be a hot time in the old saloon tonight. It’s a Maq Attack.

Yung Heazy is great fun. Drawing strong comparisons to acts like Mac Demarco, The Beatles and the current wave of bedroom pop acts like Cuco, Clairo, Rex Orange County and Gus Dapperton, Heazy’s music melds elements of jazz, psych and pop with endearing lyricism and harmonies.