Dope Soda

Thirsty for music that is both dangerous and danceable, refreshing as a mojito and as eye-opening as a whiskey sour? A cocktail party mix of reggae, punk rock, jazz, hiphop, and ska? This is DopeSoda.

Dope Soda are a 6 piece Ska band from Vancouver Island who jump between reggae jams, punk-rock assaults, happy ska romps, and hip-hop throw-downs– a thirst quencher for audiences who need good rhymes and good times.

Forming in late 2011, a fresh concoction of six of the top jazz, rock, and Jamaican-music-inspired musicians from Vancouver Island, with frequent appearances in acts such as Current Swell, Jon & Roy, and Lovecoast. The band is led by a three-piece horn section with roots in the highly-regarded Vancouver Island University Jazz Department, buoyed by a funky rhythm section that serves up sips of bubbling Hammonds and Wurlitzers, shots of distorted guitar, and heavy bass–in your face.


This trio of eclectic soundmakers will be joining us at The Maq for one night only, be sure to get there early to secure yourself a spot!

Perhaps the most interesting work comes when bands allow themselves to be free from genre constraints, who find their own form of navigation, unearth new and inventive ways of stirring the emotions of those of us lucky enough to find ourselves along for the ride.

Douse are one such band, a Vancouver trio that, upon first glance, fit neatly within the lineage of good old Canadian indie-rock, but one, also, who have carved out a space of their own, finding ever intriguing and impressive ways of delivering their work. Veering between subtle, ambient moments of restraint and powerful moments of aggression, Alea Rae Clark, Jeremiah Ackermann, and Patrick Farrugia, make music that is both spacious and grandiose, both subtle and powerful. There are, after all, no rules here.

So we hear measured new-wave and post-punk, moody textures and dense, cavernous landscapes to explore, before their world-beat influences take focus, all sparkling guitar lines and Clark’s buoyant lead voice. Their work embraces the wholesomeness of each of these genres while carving out a space all of its own persuasion.

Adding beautiful orchestral arrangements to their subtle but surprisingly complex work, their debut album, The Light In You Has Left, is the sound of a something growing and flourishing; something that’s never afraid to embrace the lightest lights or the darkest darks, wherever it might take them.

“A trio of sad sound-makers, perfect for The Signal.” – Laurie Brown, host of The Signal on CBC Radio 2

“Outstanding in every sense… an intelligent spree of eclectic songwriting” – Gold Flake Paint

Rotten Apple Ruckus

Rotten Apple Ruckus is a 3 person ruckus-in-a-van from Victoria, Canada. The band consists of members Gut Bucket Bama, Washboard Alex, and Banjo Dan. They will washboard, bucket bass, and banjo your feet into a shimmy-shake-holler.

Rotten Apple Ruckus tickled their strings for so long that they were kicked out of the farmhouse. They started hooting and yelling in the streets and farmers markets around Victoria B.C. until they were put upon a stage. They were shoved into an old van and thrown all over Cascadia. If you have dirty eardrums, they will use their bucket bass and washboard to scrub them clean with a wash of sounds from the 20’s-40’s. A tumultuous smattering of banjo, steel guitar, trumpet, banjolele will toss your toes into a boogie and a frolic. Get your jug, skiffle, blues, spasm, and ragtime pants on!

Evy Jane & Butterflywingtip

Evy Jane is the Canadian-born songstress on NinjaTune. Best-known for having released a startling EP via Canadian imprint King Deluxe in February 2012, with standout track ‘Sayso’ earning a Pitchfork Best New Track and praise from XLR8R, Resident Advisor, Dummy, FACT and more.

Since the first release as Evy Jane in 2011, Evy (who self-identifies as being Canadian-born Chinese) has been touring the globe with her music. First becoming known as a singer-songwriter, the artist has now expanded her interests to include music and video production as well as creative direction.

We last heard from Evy in 2016 when she appeared on beloved Brooklyn rapper Wiki’s “No Mountains In Manhattan”, as well as the stellar left-field pop banger with NYC producer Sporting Life: “Court Vision”, released on legendary club music label R&S Records.

Evy Jane is bringing her soulful eclectic sound to Tofino for one night only — performing at the Maq Pub on Friday March 22nd. Butterflywingtip will be opening the show with their unique funk/electronic styles. Styles. Styles.